East by Southeast

Kyle Sevel knows kosher the country over. Last time it was the classic kosher deli. This time it’s a little different…

So That’s What They’re Called!

So That’s What They’re Called!

Binh Hoang is back as a blogger of international snacks. Why not start the new year off right with a round of cancha?

The Stolen Nonna Files: Pesto Besciamella Lasagne

Adam Mahler might not have an Italian grandmother, but he makes do. In his first piece for the Yale Epicurean, he takes on bechamel lasagna.

A Latke For Any Season

Thanksgiving may be over, but Hannukah is not! Don’t put away dose po-tah-toes yet, make some latkes à la Spencer Bokat-Lindell.

Recent News

The Meat of the Matter: Tough Decisions

Roasted Carrots and Avocado

In her new column, The Meat of the Matter, Emily Efland writes on her quest to find sustainable food in New Haven and her foray into the world of veganism at Yale.

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Grandfather’s Šljivovica: Plum Brandy

Plum brandy, known as rakija, or, more specifically, šljivovica, is made from the plums in the orchard that my grandfather and his workers would pick during the summer.

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Tales of a Jewish Deli

Tales of a Jewish Deli

Kyle Sevel takes us into the heart of NY Kosher with a review of the Brooklyn deli, Essen.

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Move Over, Smoking Gun

… the puffing gun is here! Natalina Lopez dives deep to bring you the news on MOFAD: the next greatest thing on every true foodie’s horizon, a museum dedicated exclusively to food.

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For the…

Is this where hipsters go to shop or to eat? Sarah Strong has the latest on food pop culture whether you are a hipster or a burger lover.

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Fish House Punch– Party Like It’s 1732

Armed with a recipe older than our country, Sara Hamilton travels back in time to experience the wild world of Colonial American nightlife as she mixes Fish House Punch. Read on.

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A Return to Normalcy

Who is Anna Ibanez? Epicurean’s Spencer Bokat-Lindell interviews Zinc’s pastry chef.

Review: Roia

Prosciutto with fig and olive tapenade

Claire Williamson takes on the New Haven culinary scene and beyond in her new column, Help Me, I’m Hungry. This week she reviews Roia, a French-Italian newcomer to Elm City cuisine.

The Philosophical Foodie and Reductive Materialism (Pt 2)

Everything is elucidated! Philosophy explains your complex relationship with food! Featuring original playwriting by the Philosophical Foodie. You never knew philosophy could be this exciting.

Shared Memories of Shrimp Crackers

Binh Hoang makes his Epicurean debut writing a column on international snack foods. This week? Shrimp crackers!

The Culture of Cultures: Mimolette


In her first entry, the Epicurean’s own cheese historian journeys to France to explore Mimolette, a cheese with a storied past and a controversial present.

The Philosophical Foodie and Reductive Materialism: What it means for you (Pt.1)


What does this dude have to do with the way you experience food? Yale Epicurean’s Philosophical Foodie is back and here to explain the complicated (but not too complicated!) relationship between you, your brain, and food. Read on.